Opening arrangements for Monday 5th March

We will be open from 8.45am on Monday morning (no morning club) and due to conditions on Hoopers Close, with a closed footpath and large accumulations of snow, all drivers should drop off in the new car park off the main road. This is a safer option and will help separate traffic from any pedestrians using Hoopers Close. I have today asked Severn Trent to prioritise the work on Hoopers Close to get the footpath opened ASAP. The new car park will be open from 8.30am until 10am (gate to school from new car park open at 8.45am) to allow for a staggered start to the day and registers will be held open until 10.10am to facilitate this.

After school club and pick up will operate as usual as it is expected that the snow will have largely melted by then, but please exercise extreme caution when using Hoopers Close due to the closed path forcing pedestrians to use the road to get around a hole. Please continue to monitor your phones for possible updates to pick up arrangements.

If you do not feel that it is safe to travel tomorrow then please do not do so, your child will receive a special code which does not count as an absence but records inability to attend due to exceptional circumstances.

Please feel free to send in your child with a pair of wellingtons and a spare pair of dry socks so that they can enjoy what is left of the snow.

Finally many thanks to the parents, pupils and governors who came to school to help clear paths and the new car park. Thanks also to those numerous people who volunteered to help but who we did not need to call on.