Whilst many of our pupils continue to be away from us in school, we want to ensure that we are supporting their learning and wellbeing as much as is possible. We will do this by continuing to provide work via Microsoft Education 365 and Class Dojo. Please rest assured that we realise every family and circumstance is different and that some families may be finding home learning and staying at home harder than others. The scenario we find ourselves in is far from ideal and ultimately we believe that you need to do what is right for you and your family. Our position remains that your family’s mental health and wellbeing comes first and always will. Please see the links below for information and activities that you may find beneficial whilst learning from home. We can’t wait to have all the children back in school with us.

(Please note that some of the resources below will download as text documents.)

Information for your child about Covid-19

Coronavirus A Book For Children

Transition back to school – visual

Social story about Coronavirus

Coronavirus-What not to say to a worrier

Coronavirus problem planner

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Expressing yourself

Identifying feelings

Maintaining well-being at home

Mindful Monsters new activities digital pack

Supporting Parents and Children Emotionally (SPACE)

Supporting positive mental health

The anxiety gremlin

Calming activities

Calming activities 2

Butterfly spotter sheet

Egg box scavenger hunt

Flower crown

Leaf mobile

Summer flowers spotter sheet

The Woodland Trust

SEND Resources


Home learning useful websites

Fine and Gross Motor Activities

Copy the pictures

Cutting shapes

Cutting simple lines

Fine motor activities

Clever hands level 1

Clever hands level 2

Clever hands level 3

Gross motor activities

Body awareness level 1

Body awareness level 2

Body awareness level 3

Balance level 1

Balance level 2

Balance level 3

Ball level 1

Ball level 2

Ball level 3

LEGO challenge

Letter formation

Pencil control

Threading pictures


RWI handwriting phrases

Ten top tips for reading

Visual tracking

Speech and Language

Attention and listening

Attention and listening activities


Developing speech sounds games

Family games to support speech and language

Raising awareness of rhyme

Sound bags

Speech and language update

Speech, Language and Communication games

Speech discrimination games

Syllable awareness