We strongly believe that the best way to engage our pupils and to meet their various academic and non-academic needs is to get them learning outside of the classroom as often as possible. We are currently refreshing our curriculum and adapting our school grounds to facilitate this belief. Once we have finalised our curriculum we will publish it here.

At Leigh and Bransford we follow the national curriculum as laid out by the Department for Education. In addition to this we know that there are a whole host of life skills such as team work, communication, creativity, resilience, perseverance, respect and empathy that are essential to our pupils, and that will improve their life chances going forward.

Our vision is best summarised as:

We will provide an exciting, happy and safe place where high quality education enables pupils to develop as individuals and prepares them for successful lifelong learning. We will achieve these goals by providing a curriculum with many opportunities for pupils to use and apply previously taught skills. In turn this will deepen their understanding and give them opportunities to effectively interact with others. We will ensure that our curriculum is as rich as possible with many opportunities to learn outside of the classroom and in this way we will secure high levels of pupil engagement. We are very fortunate to be well supported by our community in meeting these aims, and that parents work in partnership with us to secure the highest standards of conduct.

We use the Letters and Sounds scheme to support the teaching of phonics and a variety of reading materials alongside this.

If you would like to find out more then please make an appointment to see us.

To find out more about the national curriculum please see: https://www.gov.uk/national-curriculum