Poor weather procedures 28/2/18

With very poor weather conditions forecast for Thursday and Friday I would like to remind you that we will always make every effort to remain open. However, if we feel that we can’t stay open due the site being unsafe or staffing levels being too low, then we will inform you of this by 7.45am at the latest. If you are signed up to receive school text messages then you will receive a text to inform you of any closures. In addition this website and the County website (http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/info/20062/schools) will be updated to indicate if the school is closed or partially closed.

Please monitor your phones and the websites listed above to keep up to date with the situation and please note that it may be necessary to cancel extra-curricular clubs or After School Club at short notice if the situation deteriorates during the day. Please ensure that your children have good warm weather clothes available to them during this cold period.

As things stand today (Wednesday 28th February) we anticipate being open as usual tomorrow morning with morning club starting at 8am. In addition we are looking forward to celebrating World Book Day in style!

Best wishes, Mr Bill.