World War Two discoveries and celebrations


During the last term, at Leigh & Bransford Primary School, the children in all classes have been studying World War Two.

They have learned about evacuation and rationing, Dunkirk and The Battle of Britain, The Blitz and air raid shelters to list just a few. Through their History, Geography, English, Maths, Science and Design & Technology the children have made many discoveries about the war and its effect on the people of the world. Many children have contributed family possessions to enhance their understanding and bring a personal feel to their learning.

A visit from The History Man was greatly enjoyed. He told many stories about our area during the war, gave many interesting facts and brought many artefacts and uniforms for the children to experience.

To complete their topic, the children held a VE Day style celebration. Many children and staff were dressed for the occasion – soldiers, evacuees, land girls filled the school. They learned how to dance, Lindy Hop style; sing WW2 classics, cook (and taste) carrot cookies to an original recipe and made flags and buntings to wave.